For over a decade, the Central Florida Chapter of the Military Officers of America Association has sponsored a scholarship program to recognize the top three senior class cadets in the area’s JROTC programs. Each school can nominate two of their cadets. The quality of the applicants has consistently represented each candidate as a  student leader at their school.

This program is the main annual focus of our chapter. Funding comes from our dedicated membership, an annual golf tournament and sponsors in the aerospace industry. Without the participation of member involvement and community corporations we could not have such a program. The monetary award continues to be the highest in Central Florida.

The MOAA Central Florida Chapter recognizes these cadets as future leaders in our society. The application process includes inputs from their Senior Instructors that gives their JROTC accomplishments, responsibilities and academic credentials. Then, the cadets receive an interview from a selection board that contains an officer from each branch of the Armed Forces. The awards are presented at a MOAA CFC luncheon.