I ended my last article for the FOCUS with that word and begin this one with it.

     The Central Florida Chapter of MOAA has been a vibrant leader in Florida for over 50 years. It still is a leadership organization and among the top 5 in membership in the state. Age group participation has understandably become an issue.

     OK, we can’t play golf. A walk in the park is fine, but not when it was planned. We get it. However, if we adjust our gatherings to easy and comfortable will you come and socialize? In lieu of the monthly luncheon, I’m suggesting a pay as you go event_ _under $25, with food, fun, entertainment.

     BOTTOMLINE: we need to start knowing who we are to each other.

Announcement: I am not well. I told the Board May 13th that I could not be affective as president because of health issues. Rick Jung will assume the president role.

     As I told the Board ,the chapter belongs to the members. Each of them already knew that. I just want you to speak up and get active in our chapter.

     What we have done with the JROTC Scholarship Program, ramps for Vets, Wounded Warriors, USO and community is at the top of the food chain nationally.

     Come on, MIke Patterson, Bob LePage, Joe Hines and the Board can’t do it all.

     Thanks for stepping up!

Stay safe and healthy.

Bill Gates