We come within hours, sometimes minutes of shutting the government down, with the President signing a financial bill minutes before midnight.  The President issues executive orders and judges stop them from being enforced.  The Republicans demand one thing, the Democrats another, and it seems impossible to reach a compromise.

      Third world nations develop nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles with which to send them to devastate another country.  Terrorists use suicide bombers and even employ speeding cars and trucks to wreck as much havoc as they can, not even exempting weddings or funerals from their targets.

       Here we are in the month of June, when weddings, vacations, and other pleasures are front and center, but the cited dangers can suddenly disrupt those pleasant plans.

      We live in a dangerous world, and you never know from one day to the next what horror will be perpetrated on innocent people, even babies not excluded.  Perhaps things were just as uncertain in the early days of World War II, when there was no assurance that the Imperial Japanese war lords and the Nazis and fascists would not prevail, but at lease you knew who the enemy was then, and where you’d have to face him.

      In all of this, I can find one comfort: God is still on the throne.  He has given the human race free will, and unfortunately the nature of that race is such that evil people of the vilest kind emerge to commit these atrocities.  Still, though, I’m reminded of a passage in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible which says:

      Job 1:12 The LORD said to Satan, “Very well, then, everything he has is in your power, but on the man himself do not lay a finger….” 

      God still has ultimate control, as this verse indicates.  The sensing of the Hebrew translated “do not lay a finger” is that Satan could not do permanent physical harm or kill Job.  The horrors that occupy the news every day are inspired by Satan, and we need to pray that the Lord would once again stay the devil’s hand.  You and I cannot control evil, but we can pray fervently to the One Who can.

 In His love,

Chaplain Dick